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Adding and tracking your weight

Shapelink let´s you track your weight change. You can add weight notes to specific dates and then see the progress. Your BMI (Body mass index) is automatically calculated and displayed when you have entered a weight note and can also be tracked over time.

Adding your weight: 

To add your weight to the date of your weigh-in click "Exercise log" in the main menu. Click on the day in the calendar to which you want to add your weight note. Click on "add" and select "Weight" in the box that appears. Click it and enter your weight info and then save.


Tracking your weight: 

Click "Results" in the main menu. Click the "Body & Health" tab. Choose "Weight" in the side menu. As a Gold Member you can also render your own graphs over your weight change and se detailed text statistics by clicking the link "show all weight information" at the bottom of the "weight summary" fields.